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FROST-BOUND is a short, vehicular adventure game. The player is a driver down in the icy terrain of Antarctica, and is tasked with driving a scientist in critical condition to a rescue helicopter, all while facing the intense weather of the Antarctic.

Made in Unreal Engine 4 during the Global Game Jam 2021 (Puerto Rico Jam Site).


  • "WASD" to move the player.
  • "Mouse" to move the camera.
  • "E" to interact.
  • "R" to restart the level when inside the vehicle.

Blueprints Programming

  • Bryan B. Bonilla Díaz
  • Daniel Anthony Castillo Falcón
  • Zoey Senesi

Snow Particle Effect and Level Design:

  • Bryan B. Bonilla Díaz

3D Modeling and Art:

  • Zoey Senesi

Music and Audio Blueprints:

  • Sergio V. Quintero

Creative Consultant:

  • Jackie_Nyct

Unreal Marketplace Assets Used:


FROSTBOUND_v1.0_Win64.zip 534 MB
FROSTBOUND_Source.zip 1,009 MB

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