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About This...

PixelTwips is a simplistic endless runner with retro arcade aesthetics.

The goal is to provide players with a variety of game modes and customization, to achieve a unique experience as it is very important for the gameplay. 

Here are some things that need to be worked on:

  • Have different ways to play:
    • Casual Play - Choose from different crafted game mode presets to play.
    • Custom Play - Make your own game mode and play it.  Done!
    • Visualizer Mode - Watch the background and platforms scroll by.
    • Tutorial Mode - Get to know how the game works.
  • By popular demand, implement jump sustains.  Done!
  • Manage to have a balanced gameplay.
  • Have local high score functionality, as well as local save.
  • And more...


 "PixelTwips" is a game created by Bryan B. Bonilla Díaz.

Engine Used:Construct 2
Fonts Used:"Mecha" by Captain Falcon.
Tools Used:"Give Your Fonts Mono - v1.12" by BlackHornet

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Nice game! The control of  the main character rectangle feels solid. Good idea with the changing backdrops. Needs more variation.