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PixelTwips is a simplistic endless runner with retro arcade aesthetics that provides different ways to customize your experience.

This game can be played by anyone looking for a challenge, as well as those who seek an easier time. Select a prepared preset on Casual Play or make your own in Custom Play, and try to reach the furthest Distance and Stage! Let's see how far can you make it!

Need to learn more about the game?  Check out the Players Guide!

About This...

In order to achieve a unique experience, the goal is to provide players with a variety of gameplay options.

What is currently available in-game:

  • Casual - Pick a prepared preset to play.
    • Select from 9 different presets (including exclusive presets)!
    • Try to beat your high scores on each preset!
  • Custom - Make your own preset to play.
    • Mix and match up to 45 different customization options!
  • Quick Play - Instantly play a preset at random.
  • Tutorial - Learn how to play the game.
  • Chillout Zone - Use the following features in one place:
    • Visualizer - Relax and watch the scenery.
    • Jukebox - Listen to the songs and enjoy the vibes.

Things planned for future updates:

  • Two new Play Styles - There will be different ways to play.
  • Player Statistics - Track your progress and brag about it.
  • Additional Customization - More options for all Play Styles.
  • And More!

Want to see the development progress?  Visit the Trello board!
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"PixelTwips" is a game created by Bryan B. Bonilla Díaz.

In memory of a great mind - José M. De Abóngüez

Engine Used:Construct 3
Fonts Used:"Mecha" by Captain Falcon.
Tools Used:"Give Your Fonts Mono - v1.12" by BlackHornet
"MirrorY" Effect Addon by Mikal

The ''Trip'' Skin portraits ''CommanderVideo'' from the ''Bit.Trip'' series by Choice Provisions!

The "Knit" Skin portraits "Blue" from "Behbes Adventure!" by Amas Behbes & Batú Games!

Important Note

This game may produce quick flashes and imagery

Accessible options are available to lessen visual effects. If you have a Photosensitive/Epileptic condition or any kind of similar condition, please consult your doctor or physician before playing. 

For your safety, please stop playing if you start feeling unusual symptoms like nausea, dizziness, disorientation, or any additional symptoms that may impact your health.


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Are there any world record high distance or something for levels?

(4 edits) (+1)

At the moment, I'm not aware of what are the furthest distances reached in each casual preset. Also, I do plan to create a highscore system for a future update.

simple graphics, but the controls were tight and was fun to play!

I dig the soundtrack and the palette changes between levels. I'm less sold on level randomizers though, as it pretty much means any Bit Trip Runner stage is going to freeze you mid-jump over a chasm. Also I had a bug on the Standard mode stages where some platforms would basically not count as a platform if they were low enough. Still enjoyed it though, and will be watching this one's progress. 

(5 edits)

Thank you for the amazing feedback, I really appreciate it and I am glad you enjoyed playing the game! For the bug you encountered with the platforms, can you tell me more about it? I want to make sure to spot the issue and fix it.

Nice game! The control of  the main character rectangle feels solid. Good idea with the changing backdrops. Needs more variation.