Version 1.0.0 is here! Update Notes - August 18, 2021

Welcome to PixelTwips!

For those who haven't played the game before, it is a simplistic endless runner with retro arcade aesthetics that provides different ways to customize your experience. This game can be played by anyone looking for a challenge, as well as those who seek an easier time.

Try to reach the furthest Distance and Stage!

Want to learn more about the game? Check out the Players Guide!

Version 1.0.0 - Update Notes


  • Adjusted the colors on the Difficulty Bar.
  • Updated the Songs: "Zestyle", and "Lunch Trap".
  • Removed text that was a part of the Beta phases.
  • Fixed slight graphical issues that appeared on mobile platforms.
  • Adjusted text for the credits, message board, and random title screen messages.
  • If the Music is set to Off, it will show the Speed Multiplier instead of a selected song's name.

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