Version 1.0.4 Update Notes - May 30, 2022

Version 1.0.4 - Update Notes

[New - Jukebox]

  • The "Jukebox" feature is finally here!
    • Similar to the Visualizer feature, but for listening the in-game music.
  • In the Jukebox menu, you can change the following: Song, and Stage.
  • Like in Visualizer, the "Hide UI" button is there for you to use.
  • You can find the Jukebox feature within the Chillout Zone.

[New - Chillout Zone]

  • The "Chillout Zone" is a new way to use both the Visualizer and Jukebox features in one place!
    • Note: If the Music Volume is set to "Muted", Chillout Zone gets replaced by the Visualizer.
  • The "Hide UI" button is also within the Chillout Zone menu.


  • You can now track your high scores on Casual Play!
    • Yes, high scores get saved on your device!

  • New Modes added: "Marathon" and "Hop Flip".
    • "Marathon" randomly picks which rules to activate from these modes: 
      • "Pause", "Fartlek", and "Jogging".
    • "Hop Flip" combines both "Leap" and "Shift".


  • Added one new random title screen message.
  • Fixed a few inconsistent graphical issues.
  • Slightly adjusted the platform generation for the "Shift" mode.
  • Fixed minor frontend inconsistency when displaying the distance.
  • Fixed minor backend inconsistency relating to the "Old School" bonus.
  • Fixed issue with the Critical Speed Adjustment Mechanic that affected specific modes.
  • Fixed an undetected flaw regarding the distance calculation and platform generation system.
  • Fixed issue with the "Leap" mode not working properly with "Subside" & "Descending Panic".
  • Finally, multiple undocumented fixes, balances, changes, and improvements were made.

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