Version 1.0.2 Update Notes - January 14, 2022

Version 1.0.2 - Update Notes


  • A new exclusive preset has been added to Casual Play: "Euphoric Voyage".
    • Exclusive to the preset is the following selection: 
      • "Transcendent" Arena.
        • This is the first arena that actively changes while playing.
      • "Cassette Mix" Song.
  • New Trail added: "Aces"
    • The "Aces" trail has variants that change at random.
  • New Bonuses added: "Subside", "Descending Panic", and "Old School".



  • Fixed a weird bug related to the music playback on Android devices.
  • Fixed a specific issue with an in-game text that didn't go away on the game over screen.
  • Fixed the Gameplay Pace option, both the slow pace and fast pace are now properly adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue within the main menu that didn't properly reflect the Stage 90's grayscale effects on the background AI player's skin and trail.
  • Fixed a long overdue issue with the Critical Speed Adjustment Mechanic not working properly for both the "Fartlek" and "Jogging" modes.
  • Fixed an issue that made the game unplayable when combining the "Shift" mode and the "Indoors" bonus on Custom Play. Thanks for the find, Jackie!
  • Fixed an issue with the Difficulty System not correctly displaying/updating the value when quickly picking or making a preset. Thanks for the find, Carlos!

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