Beta Update Notes - July 22, 2021

A beta update has been released, it includes:

The tutorial is now available, play it and enjoy the following content + improvements!


  • The tutorial is now available to play! 
    • The tutorial utilizes the exclusive "Practice" casual preset.
    • With this in mind, "Practice" is now a hidden exclusive preset.
    • The preset has also been slightly adjusted so the pace is slower.
  • The overall gameplay pace has been adjusted, this includes the stage multipliers.
    • It starts from 1.00 and will now reach the max value of 1.75 (which would be Stage 100).
  • A new exclusive preset has been added to Casual Play: "La Bandera Viajera".
    • Exclusive to the preset is the following selection: 
      • "Boricua" Skin and Trail.
      • "Mofongazo Mix" Song.
    • The "Boricua" trail is no longer available to use in both Custom Play and Visualizer.
  • A new exclusive and hidden preset has been added to Casual Play.
    • The arena and song are exclusive to this hidden preset.
  • A hidden variant for the "Atmosphere" casual preset has been added.
  • Added two trail variants as easter eggs, go and find them!
    • If you match them to a specific skin, the trail will automatically change to the variant.



  • Fixed many inconsistent graphical issues.
  • Fixed inconsistent hitboxes on various objects.
  • Fixed hud issue with the "Practice" preset with Stage 100.
  • A new booting loading screen got implemented.
    • The work-in-progress message has been removed.
  • A new video option was added to adjust the scale of the In-Game HUD. 
    • Note: This will not change the scale of the menu interfaces.
  • If you leave and return to the Casual or Custom Play, the playing song from the selected preset will no longer play from the beginning. Thanks for the feedback, Sergio!
  • Fixed the difficulty bar once again on both menu interfaces for the Casual Play and Custom Play, as it was not properly updating the actual difficulty value, and it would only show the difficulty for the first selected or last played preset.

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