Version 1.0.3 Update Notes - March 15, 2022

Version 1.0.3 - Update Notes


  • New Game Option: "Camera Position". 
    • Pick which way the player moves towards to, either "Left" or "Right" (default).
    • The "Upside Down" bonus is properly adjusted, it will not invert the player's direction.
  • Both "Music Volume" and "Sound Volume" got new option selection: 
    • "Muted", "25%", "50%", "75%", and "100%" (default).
  • Both "Visual Effects" and "Backdrop Motion" option selection has been changed: 
    • "On" is now "Enabled", and "Off" is now "Disabled".
  • "Color Platforms" option is now "Platform Colors", with the selection being changed:
    •  "On" is now "Arena Related", and "Off" is now "Monotone".
  • "Fullscreen" option is now "Display Mode", with the selection being changed:
    •  "On" is now "Fullscreen", and "Off" is now "Windowed".
  • "In-Game HUD" option selection has been changed:
    • "Small" is now "Slimline", and "Big" is now "Thickset".
  • Many grammar corrections were made.
  • Added multiple new random title screen message.
  • Fixed gameplay issue with the "Shift" mode and the "Upside Down" bonus.
  • Adjusted the floating sprites on the "Grid" arena, they will no longer get distorted.
  • Changed "Rainbow" trail description, but kept previous one as a random title screen message.

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