Version 1.0.1 Update Notes - October 29, 2021

Version 1.0.1 - Update Notes


  • New Modes added: "Jogging" and "Shift".
  • New Bonuses added: "Claustrophobic" and "Internal Collapse".
  • The following Casual secret presets are no longer secret presets: "Practice" and "Text.exe".
  • Updated the "Rush Hour" Casual preset: Mode is "Leap", Bonus is "Internal Collapse".
  • Updated the "Atmosphere" Casual preset: Mode is "Shift", Bonus is "Crash".
  • Updated the "Test.exe" Casual preset: Mode is "Jogging".
  • The "Atmosphere+" Casual secret preset has been removed.
  • The following Bonuses have been removed: "Slow Pace" and "Fast Pace".
  • Updated the difficulty for the following game mode: "Leap".


  • Text corrections were made across the game.
  • Added one new random title screen message.
  • Updated the Songs: "Zestyle" and "Lunch Trap".
  • Renamed the "Audio" options tab to the "Game" options tab.
  • Updated the Message Board to add a new page for Feedback/Bug Reporting.
  • The "Flash" Mode will no longer change the Skin color when Visual Effects is "Disabled".
  • For those who used "Slow Pace" & "Fast Pace" Bonuses, there is now a new "Gameplay Pace" Game option. This option will not alter the Difficulty bar value. 
    • You can choose your preferred Gameplay Pace: Slow, Normal (Default), or Fast.
  • The scanline effect has been removed, and it has been replaced with an image to mimic the effect without the screen distortion on specific devices. Also, in the "Pause" Mode (apart from the scanline), there is now a text that indicates when the Mode does a halt. The same applies to the "Fartlek" and "Jogging" Modes.

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