Upcoming changes - Momentum feature

Hello everyone!

In an upcoming update, a new feature will be implemented in order to make the gameplay experience unique. This feature will be called "Momentum", it will track your ongoing distance to check if you have reached a certain distance point. When you reach a distance point, it will go on to the next stage, each stage will speed up the game in order to make it more challenging the farther you reach. This means that the selected track will work differently, instead of changing the speed scale to a specific value, it will have a speed multiplier that will be used for each stage, for example:

Track's multiplierStage's scaleTotal speed
Retrospect = 0.8 Stage 3 = 1.40.8 * 1.4 = 1.12
Freedom = 1.0Stage 5 = 1.81.0 * 1.8 = 1.8
Upcoming unnamed track = 1.15Stage 9 = 2.61.15 * 2.6 = 2.99

In order to enhance this feature, when you reach a stage not only will it be mentioned as a pop-up on the game, but it will also have visual effects as cues to know in which stage you are in. Also, on each stage the selected track will change a little bit, it will add a new element to the track or change how it sounds entirely, this is to motivate players to keep trying to reach each stage to hear the track as it evolves.

Hope you enjoy this peek on what will come!

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