Beta Update Notes - January 14, 2021

A beta update has been released, it includes:


  • A new arena dynamic background layer has been implemented.
  • The arena's dynamic background has been added to the following: Space, Grid.
  • Updated the following presets for casual play: Atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere's Song: "Retrospect VIP" was replaced with "Disgrace".
  • The "Space" arena has been updated to reflect the current art style.
  • The third variant of the "Work" arena has been updated.
  • Instead of reaching a specific distance, it is now time-based to advance to the next stage!
StageSpeed ScaleTime to Reach
Stage 01.00 seconds
Stage 11.125 to 35 seconds
Stage 21.260 to 70 seconds
Stage 31.4105 to 115 seconds
Stage 41.6160 to 170 seconds
Stage 51.8225 to 235 seconds
Stage 62.2300 to 310 seconds
Stage 72.4385 to 395 seconds
Stage 82.8480 to 490 seconds
Stage 93.0585 to 595 seconds


  • Songs removed: Retrospect VIP. (Don't worry, this one will return in a future update).

[Visual Effects]

  • Visual effects removed: Inverse and Glow.
  • Grayscale visual effect stage changes: 
    • Stage 0 (0).
    • Stage 9 (100).
  • Hue color visual effect stage changes: 
    • Stage 0 (0).
    • Stage 1 (10).
    • Stage 2 (20).
    • Stage 3 (30).
    • Stage 4 (50).
    • Stage 5 (60).
    • Stage 6 (70).
    • Stage 7 (80).
    • Stage 8 (90).


  • In-game settings will now be saved.
  • Updated the UI for the settings menu.
  • Removed various title screen messages.
  • Audio preloading will now only happen when booting up the game.
  • Changed writing on various texts to fix grammar issues and removed outdated messages.
  • Added two new video accessibility options for backdrop motion and color platforms.
  • Disabling backdrop motion will make all background elements static.
  • Disabling color platforms will make the platforms light gray or dark gray.
  • Fixed background and element inconsistencies for every play style and mode.
  • Fixed various elements from glitching when the game ends abruptly.
  • Fixed a critical flaw that would cause game-breaking bugs and possible soft-locks.
  • Fixed an issue that made the music play when the music volume option was set to off.
  • Fixed an issue that made the sounds play when the sound volume option was set to off.
  • Fixed visualizer issue that enabled stage selection when visual effects were disabled.
  • Fixed visualizer issue that disabled the visual effects when enabled if you played once.
  • Fixed visualizer issue that changed visualizer's selections when you show/hide the UI.

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