Major Beta Update Notes - April 26, 2021

A major beta update has been released, it includes:

The momentum rework is now available, enjoy these changes with the gameplay mechanics!


  • There are now up to 100 Stages in-game! 
    • Stages will now advance faster than usual.
  • Each individual stage increases the speed scale by 0.01!
    • It starts at 1.00 and can reach the max value of 2.00 (which would be Stage 100).
    • You can go further than Stage 100, but it will not keep going faster.
  • Distance is now measured in Twips, and Stages in Pixels (15 Twips in distance equals 1 Pixel).
  • New bonus perks added: "Slow Pace", "Fast Pace", and "No Stages".
  • Double Jump is now permanently enabled, no more need for a bonus perk.
    • The "Double Jump" perk has been replaced with the following: "No Double Jump".
  • A new exclusive presets have been added to Casual Play: "Practice".
    • Exclusive to the preset is the following selection: "Immortal" mode, "Iconic" skin, "Prototype" arena, and "Freedom Interlude" song.
      • Note: Exclusive casual presets will have customizations and more that are not available in other play styles like Custom Play or Visualizer.
    • This preset also has a hidden variant.
      • Note: Hidden casual presets will not appear on the Casual Play menu. To access a hidden preset, you will have to do something.
  • Adjusted the following Casual Play presets: "Original", "Bit.Video", and "Atmosphere".
  • The "Pause" mode has been adjusted, no longer will the mode stop the player while mid-air.
  • A new mechanic was added to help out the player stay in the middle of the screen.
    • If the player is close to the left side, it will start to speed up.
    • If the player is by the right side, it will start to slow down.
    • If the player is in the middle for 10 seconds, it will return to the natural speed.


  • All songs have been modified to reflect their current state.
    • Some have been altered to be different while progressing through the stages.
  • All available songs now have a variant to be specifically used in Stage 100.
  • The songs change their progression order in the following stages:  0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.

[Visual Effects]

  • Every 10 stages, the hue colors change for every individual arena.
    • They have been adjusted to transition through stages properly.
  • The grayscale effect changes in the following stages: 90, 100.
  • The arena variants now change in the following stages: 0, 30, 60, 100.
    • Arena variants will no longer change when replaying a selected play style or preset.
  • Every arena has a new wireframe variant that will be only used for Stage 100 and above.
  • The hue and grayscale visual effects will no longer affect everything on the screen.
  • Hue color visual effects are now visible on the main menu.
  • Pausing the game will no longer disable the visual effects for a specific amount of time.


  • Text corrections were made across the game.
  • Added three new random title screen messages.
  • Fixed an undetected flaw regarding memory usage.
  • Platform colors have been adjusted in order to be more visible.
  • Fixed the difficulty bar not displaying the current difficulty properly.
  • Fixed audio issues when pressing retry or exit on either the game over or pause screen.
  • Adjusted the visualizer to accommodate the changes with the momentum rework.
  • If you have the visual effects disabled, now you'll be able to select the arena variants.
  • Now you can remove the player within the visualizer. 
    • If you do so, the trails option will get disabled until the player is brought back.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the following menus: Casual Play, Custom Play, and Visualizer Menu. 
  • Finally, multiple undocumented fixes, balances, changes, and improvements were made.

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