Update Notes - October 11, 2019

An update has been released, it includes:


  • New bonus perk, "Indoors" will make your jumps be contained inside the window of the game.
  • Two old game modes have returned to the game, both "Flash" and "Fartlek" are available to use once again after being removed for being too unfair.


  • Version is now displayed.
  • Fixed the hitbox of the arrow icon.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the bonus perk "Crash".
  • You can now skip the booting screen messages to go faster to the game.
  • Background elements that aren't in use are destroyed to reduce memory usage.
  • Back-end for the upcoming Momentum feature have been set, selected tracks have a multiplier now instead of changing the speed scale to a specific value, all stage scale's are set to 1.0 for the moment.

    The Momentum feature is coming soon, read more about it: 

Hope you enjoy the update!

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